Original version of the cooking show “Somebody Feed Phil” – The Daily Eastern News

As a kid, I watched a lot of shows on The Food Network, and that trend carried over into college. Whenever I find myself wanting to watch something new, I default to cooking shows. However, I often feel like something is missing.

I’m usually not picky with the elements of the shows I watch, but I get bored very easily. “Somebody Feed Phil” was a show I stumbled upon a few weekends ago while visiting family.

I love TV shows that are engaging enough to keep me entertained but basic enough to completely understand without paying too much attention to it, and that’s exactly it. “Somebody Feed Phil” is a Netflix series centered around cities around the world. Each episode focuses on a town, the story, a few restaurants and chefs, guests (always including a video call to Phil’s dad), and a closing meal featuring everyone involved at the end.

There are four seasons released currently and each episode lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

Watching this show, I really feel like I get to know the people involved and the city more than I would with any other series. Phil does a great job as a genuine host, comedian and tour guide all rolled into one.

Seeing the host being so excited about everything makes the viewer more excited to watch and feel more connected to the location. I even hope to stop at some of the restaurants he visited on his Chicago episode.

I’m sure visiting the locations in the future will make me feel all the more connected to more content coming out in the future.

I’ve watched almost all four seasons since I discovered the show just under a month ago. There are only 22 episodes now, but luckily the show has been picked up for a fifth season (no release date).

It’s a perfect show to keep going while you’re doing your homework or cleaning up for entertainment while not having to put a lot of thought into the program. More often than not, I find myself putting on episodes I’ve already seen so I don’t miss my favorite parts of the show.

Although I find the cooking and the interviews entertaining, I am biased by the historical part of the episodes. I like to learn why cities are structured the way they are, the architecture and how these details influence the cultural norms of cities.

“Somebody Feed Phil” is such an original take on a cooking show because of all the elements that are at play. Overall, it’s a very well-crafted series that I would recommend to almost anyone!

Maya Kurth is a second-year public relations student. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]