An Oregon chef will take part in a new cooking show

Salem leader Matt Kuerbis has been announced as a candidate on Rat in the kitchena new cooking show from TBS (no, it’s not the sequel to Ratatouille).

Hosted by celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre and comedian Natasha Leggero, Rat in the kitchen is a particular recipe for culinary craftsmanship and reality TV shenanigans. While concocting dishes to impress Lefebvre, the contestants must battle an undercover “rat” seeking to sabotage their progress.

While Kuerbis is the former director of the now-closed Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, he is perhaps most famous as the owner of Hoss Sauce, the hot sauce line he launched. with his wife, Catharine Kuerbis, in 2016.

Hoss Sauce actually led to Kuerbis appearing on Rat in the kitchen. He was recruited to the show because of an Instagram post in which he played guitar in honor of National Hot Sauce Day.

For Kuerbis, who is coming to the PDX Hot Sauce Expo in August, Rat in the kitchen presented a great opportunity to interact with Ludo.

“Chef Ludo is well known for his work,” he said in a press release. “He has a restaurant in Denver and I’m from Colorado so it was super cool and I was hit with a little star.”

Kuerbis is set to appear on the April 14 episode of the show. “Although it was stressful and nerve-wracking being on camera, it was a super fun experience,” he said.

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