Antoni Porowski to host Netflix cooking show ‘Easy-Bake Battle’

Antoni Porowski, the resident foodie on Netflix’s hit show “Queer Eye,” is taking his cooking skills to another reality series for the streamer.

In his first big swing outside of “Queer Eye,” Porowski will host and executive produce Netflix’s new cooking competition series, “Easy-Bake Battle.” It has already finished filming and will be released in the fall. (Don’t worry, reality TV fans. “Queer Eye” isn’t going anywhere.)

Inspired by the popular children’s toy, “Easy-Bake Battle” features home chefs competing in two sets of savory and sweet challenges using only an Easy-Bake style oven. Adult cooks – unlike the Miniature Kitchen Appliance, this series of competitions are not suitable for children – will compete for $25,000 in each battle. The winner has the chance to win up to $100,000.

Here is the official synopsis: “Life is complicated, but cooking doesn’t have to be! Enter Easy-Bake Battle, a new series of cooking competitions inspired by Hasbro’s iconic Easy-Bake Oven, featuring skilled and ultra-smart home cooks, all with a ton of heart and soul, competing and using their most ingenious cooking hacks to prove who can make the easiest, fastest, and most delicious food.

Porowski — who will be joined by guest judges including Kristen Kish of “Iron Chef” and “Nailed It!” alum Jacques Torres – helped pitch and develop the series. “We got to know Antoni on ‘Queer Eye,’ and we always knew there was more to him,” said Jenn Levy, vice president of nonfiction content at Netflix. Variety. “He makes food super accessible.”

Hasbro’s eOne produces the series. Daniel Calin will serve as showrunner and executive producer for “Easy-Bake Battle,” which consists of eight 30-minute episodes. Along with Porowski, the show’s executive producers are Tara Long and Geno McDermott for eOne and Wes Kauble.

From travel documentaries like “Somebody Feed Phil” and “Chef’s Table” to game-style shows like “Nailed It,” “Is It Cake?” and “The Big Family Cooking Showdown,” Netflix has invested heavily in food-centric series.

“Our cooking shows are co-watched by families,” says Levy. “The best ones are where parents enjoy the show as much as young children. We try to find a central question or objective to make [shows] come out.”