David Beckham’s Son Brooklyn Hosts a Cooking Show and Each Episode Costs an Astronomical Amount to Make

Brooklyn Beckham’s eight-minute cooking show costs £74,000 ($100,000) to produce just one episode, according to stunning reports.

The 22-year-old model and photographer channels his passion into cooking rather than following in David Beckham’s footsteps as a footballer.

Cookin’ With Brooklyn is available on Watch Together via the Facebook Messenger streaming service, as Beckham’s eldest son embarks on his fledgling chef career.

According to the New York Post, a team of “62 professionals” was needed to help Brooklyn “show how to make a sandwich.”

Nine producers, five cameramen and a food producer are among those enlisted for Brooklyn’s Facebook show.

The London-born model has produced dishes like tortillas, steaks and a bagel piled high with hash browns, but Cookin’ With Brooklyn isn’t a cheap show to produce.

Credit: Facebook

” This is unheard of. This is the kind of crew you expect on a major TV show,” a source told the newspaper.

Brooklyn offers its version of a traditional British fish and chips in a clip, with the budding chef putting coleslaw on a bagel topped with sea bream and hash browns.

However, the New York Post pointed out that Brooklyn “does not make or cook” any component of the sandwich.

The publication added that Brooklyn “just spreads aioli mayonnaise” on the bagel and puts the other elements into the final assembly of its construction.

“He doesn’t know how to beat or fry a piece of fish. He has no idea how long it would take to fry a hash brown,” Alison Boshoff wrote.

Brooklyn has been heavily criticized for its lack of formal culinary training, with the aspiring chef taking lessons from famous personalities on his show.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

His revamped fish and chips were produced during a cooking class with Yeastie Boys founder Evan Fox.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn also received a demonstration on its show from world-renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

“He has to cook this [his mother] Posh was to sing,” a source said.

“Apparently the guy has to be shown some really super basic stuff and has a ‘cheat sheet’ of expressions ranging from whipping to boiling, many illustrated with pictures.”