Deena Cortese creates a new IG to share her cooking recipes

Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese has created a new Instagram page to share easy dinner recipes with her fans. The page already has nearly 40,000 subscribers.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Star Deena Cortese has created a new Instagram page to share her cooking recipes with her fans. Deena joined the cast of the hit series on season 3 of the original series of jerseyshore. She then returned alongside the rest of the cast for the spin-off series in 2018.

In addition to filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Deena lives the most down-to-earth lifestyle of all the housemates. In 2017, Deena married her husband Chris Buckner. She and Chris started dating in recent seasons of jerseyshore. Chris was also part of the spin-off series. Since getting married, Deena and Chris have given birth to two beautiful sons. Their eldest, Christopher “CJ” John, is 2 years old. Last May, Deena and Chris’ second son, Cameron Theo, joined the family.


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When Deena isn’t filming for the show, she lives a completely normal life of taking care of her boys and cooking dinner every night. Over the weekend, Deena decided to create a whole new Instagram page to share her easy cooking recipes with her fans. She came up with the idea after fans loved the stories she would post on her personal account detailing how she cooked their family dinners every night. The new account is called @easy cooking (Dee’s easy cooking). She then encouraged her fans on her personal account to follow this new kitchen account. As of this writing, Deena’s new Instagram has 38.7k followers just days after it was launched.

In her first post on the account, Deena shared a photo alongside her eldest son taken in their kitchen. The caption read “I love cooking with my little man!“She and her son are wearing matching mother-son aprons in the photo for Deena’s Christopher John clothing line. The bio on the page reads:”Mama meatball here tries to make life easier for parents and busy people with quick recipes and recipe hacks.” Since Deena created this page over the weekend, she hasn’t shared many recipes yet. She explained that she usually doesn’t cook on the weekends, but more recipes will come along throughout the week. So far, Deena has shared three different recipes for the page. The posts include recipes for “NO-COOK PUMPKIN DIP,” a “Plate of cheeses accompanied by jams.. meat and fruit,” and one “ULTRA EASY OVEN BRIE.“None of Deena jerseyshore his housemates follow his new page except for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Deena’s husband Chris is also following the account.

It’s unclear how long Deena will continue to post her daily recipes on this page; however, Deena is seen to be very excited about it, as are her fans. In fact, some fans have already started trying her recipes and sharing them on social media as well. While filming is already underway for the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Deena will most likely refuse to cook dinner and share recipes on the days she is filming.

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Source: Dee’s Easy Cooking/Instagram

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