End of an Era: Chef Hermann on the Ending Cooking Show, a Remarkable Career, and Gratitude for Northern Michigan

Chef Hermann aired the latest episode of his cooking show here on 9 & 10 News on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

But before he finished that last dish, he sat down with 9&10’s Xavier Hershovitz to look back, laugh, and share his gratitude for Northern Michigan.

“Everything has a cycle in life and that cycle is complete,” Chef Hermann said.

His ever-popular “Cooking with Chef Hermann” is coming to an end.

“It was high time,” Chef Hermann said. “Who wants to see an old man on TV?

Many of us grew up watching Chef Hermann in the kitchen whip up something tasty every week.

In fact, he’s been on the air for so long here, we can’t even tell exactly how long.

“Amazing,” said Chef Hermann.

My estimate is close to 30 years.

“Time flies so fast, especially when you’re doing something you love,” Chef Hermann said.

It all started as an idea from our owner and friend of the chef, Mario.

“We did it at my house mostly, and he was sitting on the kitchen table having a glass of wine,” Chef Hermann said.

Then it became a way for him to promote his famous Cadillac restaurant, which he sold earlier this year.

But above all, it has also become a way for him to share his passion.

“I try very hard to choose recipes that aren’t too complicated so you can make them at home and improve your repertoire without spending too much time on them while still retaining the flavor,” Chef Hermann says.

Over the years, Chef Hermann has created an undeniable bond with the people of Northern Michigan.Chief Herman

“It comes down to genuine love for the things you do,” Chef Hermann said. “And it shows somehow. I can’t explain it.

Although he can’t explain it, it’s a bond he’s grateful for.

“I have to be honest with you, I didn’t expect this, I’m really humbled,” Chef Hermann said. “I’m really, really grateful. As simple as that. Really, really grateful.

Although he hangs up his 9&10 chef’s hat…

“I’m semi-retired,” Chef Hermann said. “You can never back out of a passion. You can’t.

He will never stop cooking.

On behalf of everyone in Northern Michigan, we will miss you Chief.

You can watch Chef Hermann’s latest segment by clicking here.