Florence Pugh Brings Fan-Favorite Instagram Stories Cooking Show To Life

Florence Pugh is bringing back her viral home cooking show on Instagram Stories, this time making Zucchini with Vegetable Sauce and Garlic Shrimp.

Florence Poug relaunched her popular viral cooking show on her Instagram Stories. The English actress, best known for playing Natasha Romanoff’s sardonic sister, Yelena Belova, in Black Widowfirst rose to prominence in the mid-2010s in projects like the 2016 indie drama Lady Macbeth. However, her stardom really kicked off in 2019, when she appeared in the wrestling biopic triple whammy fight with my familyAri Aster’s cult horror film Midsommarand Louisa May Alcott’s adaptation of Greta Gerwig Little womanfor which Pugh was nominated for an Oscar.

An unexpected creative avenue for Florence Pugh came after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While people were stuck at home and bored during the shutdowns, Pugh created a cooking show on his Instagram Stories titled Cooking with Flo. Periodically, she would appear on people’s feeds, teaching them how to make various recipes, including butternut squash, tzatziki, and the perfect cup of English tea. However, Cooking with Flo began an indefinite hiatus several months ago, likely during production on Hawk Eyethe Disney+ series premiered in 2021, in which she reprized the role of Yelena.


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On her Instagram Stories, Florence Pugh surprised fans with the sudden resurrection of Cooking with Flo. She apologized for taking so long to make a new video, citing “the life“and launch into cooking zucchini with vegetable sauce and garlic prawns, accompanied by her dog and a glass of chilled white wine. The actress has certainly proven that she does her own stunts in Cooking with Flo, at one point injuring his joints while working with a peeler. Discover an archived version of the most recent Cooking with Flo below:

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It seems unlikely that Cooking with Flo will be back with some regularity, given how many projects the in-demand actress is now attached to. One of the major films in which she participated is that of Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer, in which she plays the psychiatrist Jean Tatlock and whose production will begin very soon. On top of that, Pugh is signed for Olivia Wilde’s new movie don’t worry darlingSebastián Lelio’s psychological thriller wondermentadaptation of Nita Prose The maidand the drama A good personwhich will be directed by his partner Zach Braff.

In addition to her roles in popular movies and TV shows, Florence PougCertainly part of the popularity of is due to how accessible it is to fans. Her ability to cook, along with the fact that she cooks for herself once in a while, makes her feel comfortable, and the fact that she is willing to share her expertise for free sets her apart from the crowd. With a bit of luck Cooking with Flo continues its run for a long time, however unpredictable its schedule may become.

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Source: Florence Pugh (via Cooking with Flo)

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