I couldn’t film a cooking show

It seems like work takes up my day, and sometimes it can be great to venture out and do something fun. So my computer searched for “fun things to do”. Just read the qualified list, because it was fun to go through.

I was suggested to “make coffee ice cubes” knowing that no one likes liquid coffee. What an interesting idea! However, coffee is not my favorite drink, tea fills my cup of coffee. Eureka! Diet Coke ice cubes would be perfect!

The “adopt a dream dog” suggestion has already fallen flat as my son adopted an unruly pit bulldog who grew huge in seven months and full of energy. In fact, he IS a dream dog if nightmares matter.

“Playing with Legos” is an interesting challenge. It might be a chase I relish, and an entire Lego town could cover my dining room table. There would only be two problems; the dog can jump and destroy anything on the table, (Goodbye Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty!) AND all the money in my savings and home equity wouldn’t cover the cost of so many Legos.

“Filming a cooking show” would be quite fun. I could smile for the camera and demonstrate how to make toast with butter and jam, or pop popcorn in the microwave. The last time I was filmed cooking was when I was about ten years old. My parents, brother, and I were in the “Badlands” of South Dakota, and my mom was filming my tomboy cooking eggs in an iron skillet over a roaring campfire. As I looked up and smiled with a toothy grin, the spatula accidentally hit the frying pan, which quickly flipped over in the heat. A cooking show host is not in my wheelhouse.

“Making a scary crow”, putting old clothes and a mask on a stick to scare birds AND people away from my home, wouldn’t work. Or should I say, we don’t need it because the dog already does.

“Painting rocks” will be fun. A bright yellow smiley will adorn mine. When finished, I will scatter them around the community. Here’s a fun suggestion for readers; if anyone finds one, turn it into an office at Warwick Lighthouse and receive a $10 Dunkin Donuts card!

A fun suggestion is to “google yourself”. Did it. It wasn’t fun at all. There were 833 Linda Petersens, which made me feel insignificant next to the rich and famous women bearing my nickname. Although it was gratifying that my book, Raising Five Disabled Children and Staying Sanemake the list.

The amusing suggestion to volunteer to “babysit for a friend” struck me in the heart, but not in a funny way. I meet people in my work who care for very sick loved ones 24/7 without respite. These are people who need help. They need someone to stay with a family member so they can shower, go grocery shopping, go out to lunch with friends, or just sit in their car and listen to a podcast. The loved one will be grateful as it will be a different friendly face watching them as they chat. Just someone different listening to them would be a godsend.

My own suggestion for fun would be to help others. It’s exciting to work on projects such as contributing food to elementary schools that provide weekend bags to their less fortunate food-insecure students, knitting hats for the homeless, mowing the neighbour’s lawn or donate used clothing to the Salvation Army. I am so lucky that my life raising five disabled children to adulthood has been filled with so many moments of fun and joy. My heart might burst if I had more fun…