I Watched Brooklyn Beckham’s New Cooking Show and Here’s What I Learned

There are a million views on the first episode of Brooklyn Beckham’s Cookin’ With Brooklyn, streaming on Facebook Watch. At around eleven minutes long, each episode of the eight-part series features Brooklyn cooking for one of his famous friends, and it’s an engrossing viewing.

As he chops around his kitchen, all of the tattooed fingers and gorgeous, floppy hair, I can’t help but mourn the fact that Brooklyn’s mom probably never ate his food, even though his dream is to become a great chef. Last week, David Beckham revealed his wife Victoria had been on a diet of steamed fish and vegetables for the duration of their marriage.

Foodie hearts broke the world over when David told Ruth Rogers all about it on the River Café Table 4 podcast. “Probably the only time she shared something that was on my plate was actually when ‘she was pregnant with Harper, and that was the most amazing thing,” he said. “It was one of my favorite nights. I don’t remember what it was, but I know she hasn’t eaten one since.”

It seems, however, that young Brooklyn is on a mission. In the first episode, he cooks for his brother Romeo and his fiancée Nicola Peltz’s brother, Zach. Romeo, he says, is a picky eater. So naturally, Brooklyn cooks him fresh pasta and stone crab. He wants Romeo to see how cool it is to make his own pasta. Cool is Brooklyn’s favorite word.

Romeo is now a grown man and a professional footballer.

“Remember when you were burning my toast,” he jokes. Brooklyn shows that he is a man of the people, buying his fish from a truck. “I love this truck, it’s so cool.”

It does a “simple” starter of clams and white wine. I’m starting to get nervous. ‘Romeo will never eat that’, I think. I am right. The last time he ate a clam, he spat it out, they laugh. Brooklyn is on a losing game here, I think. And the thing is, Brooklyn is so nice, I want to cry for him. It turns out to be eleven very moving minutes.

Much like his dad, he has the same goofy energy and puppy dog ​​eyes that make him extremely likable. We want him to succeed, especially when he starts talking about how important his family is to him – and his fiancée Nicola whom he loves “more than anything, ever”.

Romeo is frightened by the clam. He threatens to vomit on his brother but chokes him, believing that everything is fine. “I’m a picky eater,” he says. “Like Mom.” We know everything about your mom Romeo.

The stone crabs are in a bucket and Romeo looks traumatized. Brooklyn says he tries to show his love through food, but it looks like he’s torturing his brother here. Under his Californian tan, Romeo quickly pales.

We are now rolling out some fresh pasta and sandwiching lots of truffle slices inside – let’s remember these boys are from a wealthy family and can afford to be flaithulach with truffles.

Pasta making is something Brooklyn does with his dad, which he shares. “I took a fresh pasta making class with my dad in Italy which was really cool.”

As he tosses the pasta into a melted butter and garlic sauce, Romeo and his buddy try to be cool, but you can tell that might be a bridge too far. Zach starts throwing himself into the pasta but Romeo only manages one bite. It’s okay because he feels love, and that’s all Brooklyn was trying to do.

Each episode of Cookin’ with Brooklyn cost $100,000 to make, according to reports in the New York Post. There are stories of huge crews and private lessons from world-class chefs and general privilege overload. But by virtue of the family he was born into, Brooklyn Beckham is privileged – it’s not his fault.

All he tries to do is cook a little with his buddies. He thinks it’s really cool.