Jade Catta-Preta says she expects ‘debauchery’ from new cooking show Hotties on Hulu

What do you personally think of spicy food?

When I was going through the casting process, I kept saying, “But you know I’m a *** when it comes to spicy stuff.”

They were like, “Okay.” I’m Brazilian, I was born and raised, and people always say “Brazilians like it spicy”. I’m like, “That’s a complete misconception.”

I like it in theory. My body no. I’m like an old Jewish woman when it comes to all things spicy. I have heartburn even if I look at it. I had to take very small bites when I was tasting the stuff [on the show].

East is there anything that sticks in your memory as the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

I once had a Thai chili…a little red chili. I didn’t want to eat it, and I ate it and for a week it was hard. This is the time it takes for my body to eliminate it.

I know you said you usually eat relatively small portions of the food that people cook, and sometimes people’s food — it looked like what you wanted, or not really — but is there something you say, “Oh that’s actually very good”? Is there a better thing you ate while filming?

A few people did very well, because we tried to find home chefs, people who were comfortable cooking at home. A lot of the women, in fact, on the show were pretty good. There was a stuffed pepper that I tried which was really good. Someone made a chicken that was pretty good, but I’ve always been afraid of poultry, because I was like, “Are you cooking this or are you just talking?”

I wouldn’t say the food was the highlight in the end. What was more enjoyable for me was seeing people bonding through the process.

Has been Is there anything I didn’t ask that you wanted to mention?

I can’t wait for people to watch the show. The world is really dark right now, and we could all enjoy a nice little summer binge.

I also have a special coming out on YouTube, which is very exciting. It’s called “Blavé”. It will be released at Helium Comedy Studios, on their YouTube page. They’re releasing 12 comedy specials, [with] great comics about programming – Alonzo Bodden, really cool people – so I’m very, very proud to be a part of that. It took me 14 years to put together this special, so I hope people watch the show, and they see me and want some more poo jokes, so they go to my special.

All 10 episodes of Season 1 of “Hotties” will be available to stream on Hulu on August 16.

This interview has been edited for clarity.