Jennifer Garner’s fake cooking show is making hearts rain on Instagram

Millennials are probably familiar with the 2004 romantic comedy “13 Going on 30” starring Jennifer Garner, but, for non-millennials, we’ll give a quick summary. Per IMDb, the film begins with Jenna Rink (Christa B. Allen) celebrating her 13th birthday. Although after a humiliating experience at her party, she wishes she could move on in life until she was 30. The next morning, our protagonist, now played by Garner, wakes up to the shocking realization that her wish has come true. However, her excitement quickly fades when she discovers that the adult life she so longed for is not at all what she imagined.

The story is a classic, feel-good movie, though, as one reviewer pointed out, it was also able to accurately portray “the carefree, innocent, nostalgic childhood” that many adults wish to revisit. in getting older. The familiar feeling is even touched upon at one point in the film when 30-year-old Rink sits down to his favorite childhood breakfast of smiling sun-shaped pancakes and asks his mother, “Have you ever Wish we could go back? Like another time? (via YouTube).

Recently, Garner found herself figuratively in another era with nostalgic food. During the latest installment of her ‘Pretend Cooking Show’ Instagram series, the actress showed how to create an ‘updated’ version of a childhood snack that appealed to her and many of her followers .

Relive Your Childhood Years With Jennifer Garner’s Updated Cinnamon Toast

Jennifer Garner’s bagel recipe may have gone viral for all the wrong reasons, but her version of another favorite breakfast seems to have hit the mark. After seeing a recipe for cinnamon toast on the New York Times Cooking Instagram page, the “Alias” actress was apparently inspired to recreate the classic dish for her “Pretend Cooking Show” series on Instagram. “This perfect, updated cinnamon toast makes an indulgent Sunday morning or after-school snack — and will instantly give you mommy hero status,” Garner captioned a video in which she demonstrated how to make the tasty treat on the stove.

As with her beloved 2004 romantic comedy, Garner’s recipe post made many of her followers reminisce about their younger days. “Oh my god…I was only allowed to have cinnamon toast when I was a kid I was really sick and I loved it!!! So nostalgic for me Jen,” commented an Instagrammer. “This was our favorite after school snack,” user @nana.dd shared. Heart emojis were falling like autumn rain. The dish even evoked memories for Garner herself, who tagged a pal in the caption to let her know the recipe “reminds me of our little girls sleepovers.”

While this updated cinnamon toast might not have the ability to transport you back in time the way Garner’s character did in “13 Going on 30,” it sure sounds like you’ll feel like a child after taking a bite.