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Hemu BasuCourtesy of Hemu Basu

KATY, FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy) – Food TV and Netflix star Hemu Basu of Cinco Ranch told Covering Katy that she will be returning to the small screen in November, but show details are up. still confidential.

Hemu is an experienced contender on cable and streaming TV. She just finished the first season of the Netflix program Is it cake? She earned $10,000 over the eight-episode series.

The show challenges bakers to design cakes that look like objects like a purse, hamburger or shoe. The cakes were placed next to the objects they represent, and a panel of judges stood 15 feet away and guessed which object the cake was.

She also won Food Network’s “Halloween Wars,” where bakers attempted to produce the ultimate Halloween-themed display. His team won $50,000.

The day begins

Hemu baked and sold cakes while living in Aberdeen, Scotland, but credits her son for refocusing her business after the family moved to the Cinco Ranch area of ​​Katy in 2015.

“I used to make normal cakes, then my son asked me for a fire truck cake.”

She used a library book to guide her in baking the fire truck cake, and the result was a huge hit with everyone who saw it, especially her son.

“The joy on my son’s face was memorable,” she said. “He was so proud of his mother for making that cake.”

“He was very stubborn to get this cake, and I’m glad he was,” she said. “When I made the fire truck cake, I enjoyed it.”

A New Emphasis on Baking Artistic Cakes

Friends began to see and taste his work. They were clamoring to buy her cakes and she loved the challenge. Friends will send her a picture of their dog and she will bake a cake that looks like the dog.

“Last year I made lamb cake,” she said.

Hemu believes artistic cakes should be more than a work of art.

“If they look good, they must also taste good.”

She uses chocolate ganache and modeling chocolate, avoiding the use of fondant.

“Sometimes I’ve used fondant, but I only use it if it requires it,” she said.

She also eschews the buttercream frosting, to produce a more pleasing texture and taste.

“You eat a piece of my cake, and it will melt in your mouth,” she said.

“With each cake, I learned something new. I practiced and practiced and practiced,” she said.

Be discovered

She started participating in baking contests in Texas.

“I started with beginner levels. I am a completely self-taught artist. I didn’t take any courses. »

Her breakup came in 2018 in a startling social media post from a TV production company.

“I received a message asking me to participate in a TV show.”

She was selected to participate in the Food Network’s Wedding Cake Championships.

Her website and social media pages have seen a viral surge in activity thanks to her television appearances.

“I get messages and emails that say, ‘Hey, we love you on the show, can you make me this cake?'”

She attributes her success to not giving up. Instead, she encourages others to pursue their dreams.

“I think people give up too soon. They try, then they give up,” Hemu said.

She recommends Birthday Cakes by Annie Rigg for those who want to try artistic baking.

Hemu looks forward to new challenges and is happy that she never gave up. She believes doing what you love means you’ll never work a day in your life.

“When your passion becomes your business, you have fun,” she said.

And after

Hemu’s home business thrives with seemingly endless requests for artistic cakes.

She needs at least two months notice to create a birthday cake.

Texas cottage food law makes it simple to open a home-baking business, but Hemu thinks it might be time to open a bigger bakery.

She wants to focus on artistic cakes rather than other baked goods.

“I don’t want to compromise on quality. I would have to form a team,” she said.

Hemu has been baking since she was a teenager. She will be 41 in August. She could never have predicted the trip triggered by her son’s request for cake.

“It’s like a dream come true,” Hemu said.

Website: Hemu’s Sweet Sensation