NBA Star DeAndre Jordan Hosts New Vegan Cooking Show

Brooklyn Nets star center DeAndre Jordan is putting veganism in the spotlight and hosting his own plant-based cooking show called Clean Cooking on Players TV. The show premiered on May 30 and features a cast of guest chefs who work with Jordan to cook delicious vegan meals. After 13 NBA basketball seasons, Jordan decided to show the world how a professional athlete eats a plant-based diet.

“You’ve seen me complete a lot of plays on the court,” Jordan said on the show. “But here on PlayersTV, these lanes will come from some of my favorite chefs across the country.”

The show is an extension of Jordan’s lifestyle brand, launched in partnership with PlayersTV. Recipes from the eight-part series will be compiled by Mindful Life into an interactive electronic cookbook. The cookbook is set to be released at the end of the season, providing viewers with the full selection of vegan foods featured on the show.

The NBA star will work with guest chefs to spotlight vegan food from a wide variety of cuisines. The show’s first episode featured Brooklyn-based chef Latisha Daring making vegan omelets, teaching viewers how to work with mung bean-based JUST Egg.

“As a professional athlete, I’m always looking for ways to nourish my body and improve my performance,” Jordans said. He swears by the JUST Egg, saying the product has the same “delicious, hearty, flavorful, fluffy” characteristics as conventional eggs.

The show also features popular TikTok star Joanne Molinaro, also known as The Korean Vegan, helping the NBA All-Star cook kimchi fried rice. Clean Cooking will show viewers vegan alternatives to familiar favorites in different regional cuisines. Jordan hopes to bring her own journey with wellness and veganism with fans, showing how easy vegan cooking and eating can be, no matter the type of food.

Jordan began to abandon meat and animal products by becoming a pescetarian and then a vegetarian. Finally, the basketball star gave up meat completely and adopted an all-plant-based diet in 2018. He says he wanted to prioritize his well-being and thought a plant-based diet would serve his body better. Initially, he just stopped eating red meat, but after immediately noticing positive results, the star decided that all animal products were preventing him from maximizing his health.

“For me, I care about my body, so whatever I put into it, I want it to be good where I want to produce it,” Jordan told Closeup360. “I’m a true believer in whatever I put in my body, that’s what I’m going to produce.

The basketball star also joined 13 other professional athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal, invested in Beyond Meat in 2019. The investment joins the athlete’s efforts to promote plant-based eating throughout his career. career. The star launched a Meatless Monday challenge in November 2020, aiming to inspire her fans to try eating vegan. He continues this campaign with Clean Cookingshowcasing direct outreach that will introduce its followers to vegan cooking.

“Living a mindful life is transformative for your mind, body, and spirit,” Jordan said. Plant Based News. “It’s a lot simpler than people think. I launched Mindful Life last year with PlayersTV to invite the public to join me on my wellness journey as I explore the many ways to practice mindfulness in our daily lives. Clean Cooking is part of this journey. Because what you put into your body affects your overall well-being. My hope is that Clean Cooking provides helpful insight into the life-changing benefits of plant-based foods and inspires the public to embrace more sustainable diets.

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