Park Girl lands second season of children’s cooking show

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Cooking has become a skill many have honed during the pandemic, but for a mother-daughter duo from Sherwood Park, they’ve turned it into an award-winning miniseries TV project.

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Sherwood Park’s Anne Mueller presented a children’s cooking show in response to a creative open call from StoryHive Telus last summer. She and her daughter, Kyssara, have bonded over a love of cooking throughout the pandemic, first filming their cooking sessions on a simple cellphone. But the Park pair upped their game with Telus Storyhive funding, hiring a cinematographer and renting a house to shoot. Cooking with Kyssara was born.

“My daughter and I love cooking together. During the pandemic, we were trying a new recipe every day and the whole family was participating and everyone was working together on all these recipes and trying them together,” recounted Anne, who is a Catholic teacher from Edmonton who has previously produced and experienced of dissemination. “I thought it was such a healthy activity for kids. It’s fun, it takes the stress out of everything that’s going on, and I thought it would be perfect for a show. Although it would bring a few smiles on the faces of a few children, that was my whole focus.

Parts of British Columbia and Edmonton served as the backdrop for the first season of Cooking with Kyssara. The second season will focus on the Edmonton area. Filming is expected to begin in mid-March. Photo provided

Inspired by her German and Vietnamese roots, Kyssara curated the recipes and welcomed submissions from child viewers. The show includes guests who detail their passion for cooking and share their expertise and tips.

Armed with an acting background, 10-year-old Kyssara became a full-fledged host herself during the show’s first season and also stepped in behind the scenes, giving story ideas to the cast. music for certain segments.

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” I really appreciated. It’s really fun,” Kyssara said, adding that she learned a lot about lighting and makeup. “I’ve gotten used to being the host of the show and the more I host the more fun it is. I love trying new recipes and interviewing people.

Her favorite recipes so far are chocolate smores and macaroni and cheese.

“My favorite thing about the kitchen is cooking together because I feel like when you cook together it brings a lot of joy,” the 5th grader said.

10-year-old Kyssara Mueller of the park is settling into her role as the host of a children's cooking TV miniseries.  Photo provided
10-year-old Kyssara Mueller of the park is settling into her role as the host of a children’s cooking TV miniseries. Photo provided

The three episodes of Cooking with Kyssara, which was filmed last summer in July and August in Edmonton and parts of British Columbia, aired on Telus Optik TV in September. In January, the show landed another $10,000 grant for emerging content creators from Telus’ Storyhive Voices program. This secured a second season, which will see filming concentrated in the Edmonton area.

“It’s so exciting. I’m already diving in and contacting my team, starting to write the script and getting everything ready,” Anne said, adding that filming will last from mid-March to mid-March. -April.

The show has garnered a lot of attention having already won Best Children’s Short 2021 at the Golden Leaf International Film Festival, Best Director gold at a New York Film Festival, as well as Best TV Series, Best Young Actress and People’s Choice at the 2021 Vegas Movie Awards.

Photo provided
Photo provided

“It’s a really special opportunity. The last two years have been difficult for everyone, for the children, the parents, everyone. Just having a schedule where we visit a new place every time and learn new things, I think that’s really important, especially when the kids haven’t been able to go on field trips for the past two years,” Anne said. “I’m always thinking about what kids would like to see and what they’re missing right now.”

Episodes can be viewed on Telus’ Optic TV children’s learning channel and Community Corner channel, as well as Telus’ Storyhive YouTube page. Episodes and recipes can also be found at