Sister Wives’ Meri Brown darkens Christine’s new cooking show by hinting she ‘STOLE’ recipes and ideas for recent series

SISTER Wives star Meri Brown seems to have thrown a huge shade over her co-star Christine Brown’s latest cooking show as fans call her behavior ‘jealous’.

Viewers of the TLC series have watched Christine, 49, transform her life and lose weight since her split from polygamist Kody Brown, 53, in November 2021.


Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been called ‘jealous’ after appearing to throw shade at co-star Christine Brown’s new cooking showCredit: Instagram/Meri Brown
Christine, 49, got a cooking show with TLC


Christine, 49, got a cooking show with TLCCredit: Instagram/tlc

The couple were “spiritually married” in 1994, Christine becoming his third wife at the time.

She has now bagged a new digital show, Cooking With Just Christine, on the same broadcaster.

Still, that didn’t go down well with another of Kody’s wives, Meri, who hosts cooking snippets on her own Instagram page.

In an apparent insult to Christine, she uploaded a new video in her kitchen alongside her friend Jen, which appeared to show her throwing a huge shade at the mother-of-six.

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She introduced her music video and said: “So you’re welcome, welcome to another edition of Friday’s With Friends.

“We know you want the cooking show with Just Jen,” seeming to take aim at Christine’s new show name, Cooking With Just Christine.

Meri continued, “Oh and me!” before bursting into laughter.

Perhaps aiming for shade at the novelty of Christine’s foodie concert, she continued, “Oh, we’ve been cooking here for a long time.

“You should watch the whole past year, it’s been pretty fun.”

A viewer commented on the sleazy dialogue on Instagram, writing, “Her friend Jen, who’s name is Just Jen, they hinted that Christine stole the name and premise from them.”

Another commented on Reddit, “Meri doesn’t realize a lot of people have asked Christine for a cooking show, and that’s why TLC gave her one.

“It doesn’t matter if she was cooking live on IG ‘in September’. People just don’t care about her.”

Another wrote: “Is that really what she’s trying to say, that she did it first?

“It’s not Christine’s fault that she was asked to do a cooking show.

“Meri acts like she’s the only person in the world who cooks or has done shit on sm.”

One then surmised, “Honestly, it’s just sad. She’s obviously jealous of Christine. But she could also have a happy life if she chose to!”

Another concluded, “She’s reaching. It’s kinda sad…” as one said, “Meri acts like she made up cooking shows 🙄.”

One then brought up Sister Wives, the show that made them all famous, and added, “Yeah. She probably thinks the show should be called ‘Meri, my husband and his wives who m ‘followed’.”

Christine shocked fans when she announced her divorce from husband Kody in November and soon returned to her home state of Utah.

He stays with his sister wives Robyn, Meri and Janelle.

Since the call of time on the relationship, the TLC star has thrived in her own home and new surroundings.


Christine’s latest TV gig was revealed on the broadcaster’s Instagram page.

The caption to TLC’s post read, “A taste of something new! #SisterWives’ Christine will bring you some of her favorite recipes in the new digital series #CookingWithJustChristine, airing every Sunday here and on”

During the clip, Christine mentioned that her recipes were delicious and very easy to make.

She went on to say, “So get your apron ready! Because Cooking With Just Christine is coming to”

During the playback of the images, her daughter Truely Grace appeared as she watched her mother’s cooking skills.

In another clip, she collaborated with her second eldest daughter Mykelti, 25, to make lasagna.

Christine kicked off her second episode with a white lasagna recipe, which she called a “family favorite.”

Child star Mykelti noted that the recipe was one of her husband Antonio’s favorites and that she hoped to learn it so she could also make it at home.

Christine explained how she would fill the dish with alfredo sauce rather than normal meat sauce, and use ground beef with poultry seasoning mix for flavor as she doesn’t eat pork.

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The former polygamist told fans that the second time she cooked the dish was when Mykelti’s daughter Avalon was born in April 2021.

“You had to prepare meals for me, so when I was not at work and after giving birth to a baby, I had food,” Christine’s daughter recalled.

Kody Brown's wife Meri appeared to take aim at Christine's show name


Kody Brown’s wife Meri appeared to take aim at Christine’s show nameCredit: Instagram/Meri Brown
Fans suggested that Meri pointed out that Christine had her


Fans suggested that Meri pointed out that Christine ‘stole’ her show’s name from herCredit: TLC
Christine ended her spiritual marriage to Kody, center, in November 2021


Christine ended her spiritual marriage to Kody, center, in November 2021Credit: TLC

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