‘The Black Vegan Cooking Show’: Meet Chef Charlise

The first episode of MADAMENOIRit is The Black Vegan Cooking Show finally made its debut.

The host of the @VeganSoulicious series, aka Chef Charlise Rookwood, has been joined by rap legend Styles P to cook up some plant-based culinary greatness.

The two enjoyed a creamy, tropical-inspired smoothie made with pink guava nectar, coconut milk, lime, soursop, sparkling water and ice before preparing the episode’s star dish – a delicious and “beefless” Jamaican Red Pea Soup.


The hearty meal is a simple symphony of spices and flavors that’s perfect for those who want a hot, nutritious dinner without dealing with tons of dishes and cleaning up after eating their fill.

As Chef Charlise reminded viewers, remember to soak your kidney beans before the day you make your soup, preferably overnight.

Although we don’t want to give too much away, other notable ingredients in the dish include yams, okra, vegan soy beef, and chili berries.

The duo also joined forces to make simple cornmeal dumplings, which they then dropped into their simmering soup pot to cook.

the black vegan cooking show


With the camaraderie and lighthearted banter in the kitchen and in between, it’s understandable why chef Charlise described Styles P as her “brother from another mother.”

The rapper stressed the importance of get its nutrients by incorporating a variety of “colorful” plant ingredients into his diet during his time on the show.

“I like to say I’m vegan and non-vegan and here’s the reason,” Styles P told chef Charlise. “Love to the vegan community. Regards to all people who fight for animals. One day I aspire to be as tall as Dick Gregoryso I like to say I’m plant-based and I’ve been plant-based for nine years.

To see how the two did their thing in the kitchen and get access to this week’s recipes, watch the first episode of The Black Vegan Kitchen Show:

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