The Coshocton native has a new cooking show, movie to watch at home

Christopher Shaw is the director of ‘Church People’ and served as director, editor and producer on ‘Something Smells Funny’

COSHOCTON — A Coshocton native with multiple projects underway has a TV show and movie available for home viewing.

Christopher Shaw has worked in the film and television industry for approximately 25 years. He said the biggest challenges are finding financial support and, once a job is done, distributing it. However, Shaw was lucky to find both a comedy cooking show and a religious film.

“Church People,” directed by Shaw, was released March 13 as a Fathom event with churches able to request special viewings through the Faith Content Network. It will be available on DVD and digital download on September 3. Shaw said they are working on putting it on a streaming service next year.

Guy Sides (played by Thor Ramsey) has been named America’s favorite youth pastor, but he realizes the mega-church he’s associated with and senior pastor Skip (Michael Monks) is more concerned with fulfilling the seats than to present the gospel. When a blasphemous stunt is engineered for Easter Sunday, Guy must find a way to get the church back on track.

It features several Hollywood veterans in supporting roles. This includes Donald Faison from the television series “Scrubs”, Joey Fatone, NSYNC member and reality star, Stephen and William Baldwin from the famous Baldwin Brothers acting family and William’s wife, Chynna Phillips from the singing group Wilson Phillips. Stephen Baldwin was instrumental in making the film and securing financial backing, Shaw said.

“I was very happy with the overall responses. They were very supportive. I hear people laughing throughout the movie. I hear about crying. I even heard people say they were sobbing at some people get all the thrills watching this movie,” Shaw said. “No matter where you are on the spectrum of faith, whether you’re a believer or not, you’re likely going to find one, or even two, characters in the movie to whom log in.”

Additionally, “Something Smells Funny” is available for free via Tubi. If successful, Shaw hopes to film a second season. He was a producer, editor and director. Host Scott Wood hosts comedians to cook a healthy meal and carve it up in the kitchen. Guests are Mark Christopher Lawrence, Jimmy Brogan, Bobby Collins and Victoria Jackson, best known for her time on “Saturday Night Live.”

“We’re showing the mishaps and the mistakes. It’s not one of those shows where everything just goes exactly as planned. We’re going to show a mixer that goes down. It’s really fun,” Shaw said. “Not everything is clean when it comes to the mess. It’s clean humor though. It’s family watchable.”

Shaw recently completed a comedy short about time travel called “Zoom Time.” Ramsey of “Church People” also penned other scripts being shopped with Shaw attached to direct. One of them also involves time travel.

“A lot has happened behind the scenes this year. Now it’s about finding the right solution with the right funding opportunities,” Shaw said.

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