‘The Polish Cooking Show’ popular with viewers of all ethnicities

Natalie Rokita and her mother-in-law “Mama Ala” Rokita star in The Polish Cooking Show – a new series coming to PBS nationwide.

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The Polish Cooking Show on PBS is currently accepting applications from companies interested in sponsorship benefits.

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The Polish Cooking Show is both a culinary education and a history lesson, all wrapped up by two playful cooks in the kitchen. You don’t have to be Polish to enjoy the show – fans of all ages love the witty banter and scrumptious recipes.

The new PBS show combines delicious recipes, an insightful story and playful fun. Ideal sponsorship opportunity for businesses to connect with a large national audience.

As far from Hell’s Kitchen as you can get, Mama Ala’s kitchen is filled with love: love for traditions, love for food, and love for each other.

—Rikki Lee Travolta

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, April 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fun in the kitchen is a recipe for success for cooking shows. The public likes playful and happy cooks. They also enjoy being exposed to different cultures. The Polish Cooking Show is the latest proof of this.

The Polish Cooking Show is an exciting and entertaining new TV show about culture and cooking coming to PBS. It’s a delicious and illuminating celebration of the beauty and elegance of Polish-American culture, history and cuisine.

Just as you don’t need to be British to enjoy the Great British Baking Show, you don’t need to be Polish to enjoy the Polish Cooking Show. It’s half an hour of fun in the kitchen with two witty and lively cooks that’s also sprinkled with history, traditions and life lessons.

The pilot episode of the Polish cooking show first aired to fantastic ratings on PBS Chicago affiliate WTTW, prompting the show to be given the green light for a full season of 13 episodes broadcast nationally.

According to MarketingCharts.com, 8 out of 10 adults watch cooking shows. The Polish Cooking Show is exactly the kind of programming cooking show fans crave.

“Anyone who loves cooking shows or programs about different cultures will love spending time in the kitchen with Mama Ala and her stepdaughter Natalie Rokita,” says producer Rikki Lee Travolta. Although his Italian heritage is undeniable, Travolta is also 25% Polish and very proud of this lineage.

“As far from Hell’s Kitchen as you can get, Mama Ala’s kitchen is filled with love: love for traditions, love for food, and love for each other,” Travolta says, describing why the viewers fell in love with the program.

The Polish Cooking Show is filmed in Chicago, the city with the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw.

Production of new episodes will begin once Travolta and its partners have selected sponsors for the program. Love & Light Productions begins scheduling dates with suitors. Companies in the food, kitchen appliance and travel sectors or with a connection to Poland or Chicago are possible matches, but producers are open to sponsors from all industries.

There are many benefits to sponsoring a popular PBS program, including tagging at the top and bottom of every episode. The Polish Cooking Show has a projected national reach of over 17,900,000 households over 13 episodes.

For more information on The Polish Cooking Show, visit: www.ThePolishCookingShow.com.

For sponsorship inquiries, call (224) 616-5683 x 1425 or email Rikki@thepolishcookingshow.com.

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