The YouTube Cooking Show You Didn’t Know You Needed: Himbo Chef

Adam plating the plain pasta with caviar. // Courtesy of Chef Himbo

Weightlifter and fitness trainer Adam Fisher recently started a YouTube project with his video game designer wife Elizabeth. The Project, or rather The Himbo Project, consists of Adam trying (and often amusingly failing) to make dishes while Elizabeth challenges him with recipes, guides him, makes fun of him, and generally offers support.

The couple frequently moved to the United States, then moved to Copenhagen in 2016. After this job, they moved to London for Elizabeth’s career. Fisher said London has been great because the family enjoys living in Europe and their children are thriving in the UK. However, there is a downside to being an expat living abroad, especially during COVID-19.

“The problem is that when you live in a foreign country, you feel a bit isolated and you don’t have those connections with your family and friends that you’re used to,” Fisher says. I think it’s just the worst time besides having a pandemic and closing doors all the time and feeling very isolated. I haven’t seen my parents, haven’t been back to the US for over a year. It weighs a little heavily on you.

The project began, Adam said, as the ultimate lockdown hobby. While Elizabeth has a vast knowledge of cooking and specific ingredients, Adam was an error-prone beginner. Her desire to learn to cook and her love of fitness came together to create Himbo Chef. He started with an attempt at French onion soup and completed projects such as homemade pasta, fried chicken and cassoulet. Perhaps his weirdest concoction was a beef wellington. But not just any wellington beef—a SPAM wellington made from pumpkin spiced SPAM just in time for Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, Fisher loved creating SPAM and asked us all back home if we should shell out the money for the illustrious Pumpkin Spice SPAM to make some ourselves.

In each video, Elizabeth presents the ingredients to a blindfolded Adam and has him guess what dish they are going to make. Once the ingredients are confirmed and Adam knows what the dish will be, he gets to cooking (or trying, at least).

“My wife and I have always had this continuous joke about how I don’t know anything about cooking,” Fisher says. “And then the confinement came, and we don’t go out anymore, we can’t periodically go to a good restaurant for Valentine’s Day for example, so how to channel this energy? And the answer was Himbo Chef. So the idea was to cooking good food, filming it and having a little fun It’s a great way to a. something where we could share it with other people and have a little laugh and have fun too.

Since the advent of videos, however, Fisher’s cooking skills have improved with each video he makes. Those instincts certainly helped him in the kitchen, but not necessarily in his role as himbo.

“It’s actually something where my wife Elizabeth is really mad at me because it makes it a little less funny,” Fisher said. “Elizabeth said to me, ‘I can’t believe it, you’ve gotten too good. You anticipate things that could go wrong. So we don’t have the same spectacular failures.

As he learned to cook, Fisher says he became almost disgusted with certain dishes, including eggs in general. In a video aptly titled “These eggs are CURSED”, Fisher made eggs with Anna G. Hughes, who spent the lock making disturbing interpretations of eggs. Fisher entered the video hating the eggs but came away even more disgusted.

“I am absolutely disgusted with the use you can make of eggs, flour, milk and sugar. I always get really upset when I find out that something is just a new combination of these four ingredients that I didn’t know about, which is very common,” says Fisher.

More recently, Chief Himbo made a Valentine’s Day Video where he was making pasta uni (sea urchin roe) with caviar. After a few mistakes, including getting cut by a small whip while doing muscle poses, Adam’s dish turned out magnificent. Thanks to Elizabeth’s advice and a little chef’s intuition, they had a beautiful Valentine’s Day dish. This pasta dish turned out much better than any of Fisher’s previous videos,”Fail homemade pastashowcasing his culinary growth.

Fisher says the channel is still in its infancy, but already has a growing number of dedicated supporters. Since June 2020, Chef Himbo has created 23 videos and has no plans to stop anytime soon. When creating the Himbo Chef character, Fisher says it wasn’t that far removed from his normal personality.

“Part of it is kind of who I am,” Fisher says. “Part of it is also a defense against a shittier person than I used to be. I used to be very full of myself, in that I was very important, and in my youth I offended a lot of people and was a bit of a shitty person in a lot of relationships interpersonal because I took myself too seriously. So to be able to be proud of having this personality there which is both a bit of me, a bit exaggerated, but it’s very liberating. I’m able to be proud of that side of myself without having to be super serious all the time and self-critical.

For more Himbo Chef content, subscribe to their Youtube channel so you can see all of Fisher’s successes and failures for yourself. You can also support the couple via their Patreon if you consider yourself a super Himbo fan.