Walmart, so Yummy is teaming up with a new cooking show with purchasable content

  • Walmart partners with So Yummy, the creator of viral food content videos, on shoppable recipes.
  • It’s Walmart’s latest foray into next-gen e-commerce strategies, including over-the-air shopping.
  • So Yummy generates 350 million monthly video views on social media and streams to 40 million homes.

Walmart is partnering with So Yummy, a media brand behind a slew of viral online food videos, to create shoppable content.

So Yummy, a subsidiary of First Media, will air 10 episodes of a new reality show called Unbox’d starting May 17 alongside the retail giant. The program will feature social media food influencers competing to cook the best dish using pre-determined ingredients.

Unbox’d will air on So Yummy TV – which broadcasts to 40 million homes in the United States, available on DirecTV, Xfinity, Sling and other cable channels and


video providers — as well as the TV network’s social media channels.

“Walmart is committed to meeting customers where they are, and we continue to create innovative ways to close the distance between inspiration and purchase,” said Sarah Henry, senior director of content and Walmart.

influencer marketing

, said in a statement sent to Insider. “We’re thrilled to partner with First Media to bring entertaining, shoppable food content to customers in a fun and seamless way.”

The move is Walmart’s latest push to get creative with its e-commerce options available to customers. In November 2020, the retailer partnered with home cooking platform Sidechef on shoppable recipes. Walmart has also used social media platform TikTok to unblock live shopping, where shoppers can purchase items during a live event. Buyable content allows potential customers to watch content and purchase items immediately afterwards.

“The Machine We Build”

Unbox’d will take the form of a reality show, which will see food influencers compete to create dishes using only ingredients from a “mystery box” provided by So Yummy and whatever they can buy with it. a $10 Walmart gift card, according to Sharon Rechter, co-founder, president and head of business development and distribution at First Media.

Once a winner is declared, the purchasable aspect of So Yummy’s partnership with Walmart kicks in. Viewers will be able to take to social media and click on So Yummy’s videos to purchase the recipes that make up the dish of the winner.

“What we realized — and the pandemic accelerated that — was that we had the most engaging content, but people wanted more,” Rechter told Insider. “People wanted the convenience of being able to see an amazing So Yummy recipe, but they also wanted to be able to get the ingredients at home.”

So Yummy fans watching on TV can also have the recipe ingredients delivered to their doorstep by texting the name of the winning contestant to a designated number after an episode.

“You could just click on that link and say, ‘You know what? That was such a cool video. I really enjoyed it. I’ll get the ingredients,'” Rechter added. “And that’s really the machine that we’re building on the social side.”

Regardless of where the viewer engages with the Unbox’d recipe, the ingredients can be added to a shopping cart and refilled at a nearby Walmart store. Shoppers will also have the ability to change quantities to save money and avoid waste, and swap products as they see fit. Rechter said the project is also a great opportunity for brands to turn their everyday items into a viral recipe.

“With Walmart, we’ve found a phenomenal partner to take all the things we do and make them available as buyable products,” Rechter said. “On the brand side, we are enabling companies and brands that could never go direct to consumer to go direct to consumer.”

Access millions of So Yummy viewers

First Media’s relationship with Walmart extends beyond this new partnership. The companies have worked together for the past three years, with Walmart signing on with First Media for direct-to-consumer paid media campaigns.

The cross-platform publisher garners 1.7 billion monthly video views on Facebook. First Media’s range of channels includes BabyFirst TV – which broadcasts to 60 million homes – as well as Blossom and Blusher, in addition to So Yummy. Programming ranges from decor and beauty to food and parenting advice.

So Yummy is the food-focused publisher’s brand, and it attracts approximately 350 million monthly video views on social media and is played in 40 million households.

Rechter said millennials — especially young women — are a key demographic for So Yummy, and these shoppers want to save time, get more value from products, and become “Instagram heroes” with special dishes, qu it’s food for a school bake. sale or a cooked meal for family and friends.

“We hope what we’re doing here with Walmart will make a difference for consumers, making it easier for them to find content they can engage with in a different way,” Rechter said. “In the retail world, we hope to meet users who may not have been Walmart shoppers, who can first experience Walmart and First Media’s vision, then access their shopping cart and thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s so cheap, but it’s great quality.'”