Will Christine Brown’s new cooking show air on TV?

It’s no secret Christine Brown is the housewife of the sister wives family. Admittedly, she loves baking, and women have always said she makes the best party buns. So, it only makes sense that at some point she would land her own cooking show. When she announced her departure from the Brown family, fans wanted Christine’s adventures. TLC took note as well Cooking with just Christine has been created. However, where can we see the series? The answer is simple.

Christine Brown – Made for a Cooking Show

When Christine became wife number three in 1994, she was the perfect fit, or so Kody claims. He noted that she was a breath of fresh air and broke the tension between Meri and Janelle. She just wanted to make everyone happy and with that came her happy housewife mentality. Christine loved to cook and has shared her recipes over the years on instagram. This is what sets her apart from other wives. Meri liked spending time alone while Janelle was the business-minded one. She preferred to be in the world and work.

Christine Brown via YouTube

As seen in the first episode of Sister Wives, it was Christine who raised her with Janelle’s twelve children. Really had not yet been born so she was proud to educate them. Meri was proud to be the master tooth-puller and the kids thought she was fun. Robyn arrived soon and she was new so it was interesting for the whole house. However, as viewers later learned, Christine began to assert her independence around this time. She started doing what was best for Christine and tried to heal her soul.

Christine Brown, YouTube

Soon each wife got her own house in Las Vegas and spent less time doing family things. Yet Christine never lost her love of cooking and vacations. Every woman would always bring something and she was infamous for her buns. Once she announced her divorce from Kody before the start of Season 16, viewers could already see her shine in her posts. They expressed how much they wanted to see his life without the family and TLC realized they obviously had to take advantage of that.

Cooking with just Christine

Christine Brown is apparently still filming for season 17 of sister wives broadcast on TLC and Discovery+. Now fans are very curious about where they can watch his new show Cooking with just Christine. They are determined to give him all possible support. From now on, it will air exclusively weekly on TLC.com. In the promo, Christine shares that she loves to cook. Every week, she will concoct new dishes with special guests like her children.

Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube
YouTube TLC Sister Wives Christine, Ysabel Brown

She is already successful in her own right. Christine is a LuLaRoe retailer, and as Kody pointed out, she has one employee. Additionally, she promotes Plexus with former second wife Janelle and their daughters Maddie and Mykelti. It’s just the icing on the cake. Are you going to watch his new show? Let us know in the comments.

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